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Austeam 88

Austeam 88 was a program of mainly steam hauled special trains with its focus in Melbourne to mark the bicentennial of European settlement in Australia. It occurred during the second half of October 1988 with a few events following later. A major feature was the time in Australia of British Locomotive Flying Scotsman. There were other locomotives from interstate for which it was the only occasion that they ever came to Victoria. These were New South Wales 1210 and 3112 and South Australia's 900 Lady Norrie. The last mentioned came as a static exhibit only. There were a number of parallel runs of broad gauge and standard gauge trains the culmination of which was a triple parallel run on the North East Line on Saturday 22nd October where one of the broad gauge trains was permitted to run wrong line. This event came with a photo stop. On Sunday 23rd October there was an exhibition of rolling stock at Spencer Street Station. There have been many changes in the Australian railway scene in the 25+ years that have elapsed since the events of Austeam 88. It is most unlikely that an event such as this could take place in the current regulatory environment along with the fragmented management of the present day rail systems. Contemplate the photo at Seymour with the Late Eldon Hogan, complete with his Hogaphone, and also the means by which the photo was taken. How many of the photos could be taken today without upsetting the powers that be?